12+ Stylish Tumblr Themes for Bloggers

stylish tumblr themes for bloggers

Tumblr has really grown in popularity over the years! It used to just be a strange sort-of hangout spot where people post about things that they love (and hate) but now it’s also a great place to host a blog. I love that the audience is built in — tag your posts the right way and you can reach a ton of people. It’s also super easy to use and they allow you to use a domain with your blog for free.

I’m currently using Tumblr for a few niche sites, but when I first started to set them up it was hard to find premium Tumblr themes that were stylish, yet had the features I wanted. I wanted something that was pretty but still had clean code and SEO optimized, if possible. I’ve spent about a year putting this list together, so I thought I’d share. The prices vary — most of them are $32 but there are a few that are higher or lower in price, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

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1. Varokah

Varokah is a beautiful theme with 2 sliders, grid layout options, and lots of customizable features. This is one of my favorite Tumblr themes, because it brings a beautiful, clean, minimal look to your Tumblr blog along with lots of functionality.
Price: $32

2. Bougenville

Bougenville Your bones don’t break, mine do. That’s clear. Your cells react to bacteria and viruses differently than mine. You don’t get sick, I do. That’s also clear. But for some reason, you and I react the exact same way to water.
Price: $32

3. Tresno

Tresno is a wonderful magazine-style theme that even comes with a post slider. I love how customizable the theme is, allowing you to come up with so many combinations.
Price: $32

4. Centric

The Centric Tumblr theme is stylish but still looks very different from the rest of the themes here. It’s got 3 sliders you can use to showcase your posts — one with just text, one with text and a featured image, and one horizontal slider that shows 3 posts at a time. It really is a versatile theme that gives you multiple ways to show off your content!
Price: $32

5. Horry

Horry is simple, but I love that it’s just a classic blog. You have your fixed top navigation, sidebar on the right, and Instagram widget at the bottom. This is the perfect theme if you’re looking for something simple and easy to customize.
Price: $32

6. Insidious Magazine

Insidious Magazine
This theme is insane! The Insidious Magazine theme is the ultimate magazine theme for your Tumblr blog. It’s got so many options to choose from — featured, tag layout options, news ticker, and lots of extra widgets. I love themes like this that make you forget that you’re looking at a Tumblr blog. It does have a very dark aesthetic, but you could easily customize it to match your style.
Price: $32

7. Flora

The Flora theme is so stylish and delicate, with lots of white space and a beautiful slider at the focal point of the theme.
Price: $32

8. Barron

The Barron theme is very simple, with a large area at the top for a nice hero image and space for a text or image logo. I think this theme would be great for people who need a place to showcase photos, videos, or any short pieces of content.
Price: $32

9. Cookbook

The Cookbook theme was designed for food bloggers, but would work great for bloggers in any niche. It’s got a dynamic tagging system, share buttons, click-to-print, and social media integration. This is a very content-focused theme.
Price: $49

10. Baxter

The Baxter theme is one of the best Tumblr themes because of it’s versatility, style, and SEO optimization. I love the big hero image area at the top, with space for a logo and navigation. As you scroll down, you get a fixed navigation menu. There’s a widget for your mailing list, social icons, and “About Me” text. There are also lots of other options with this theme. I love it!
Price: $49

11. Mallow

The Mallow theme is very classy and simple, with a different look from most of the themes here. It’s got a large space for a hero image at the top, but the logo is in the left sidebar. This is another theme that I think would work best for bloggers with mostly photo and video content.
Price: $49

12. Fashion & Co

Fashion & Co.
The Fashion & Co theme is SUPER cheap (it’s only $9) because it doesn’t have very much customization at all. What you see is pretty much what you get. But it is pretty stylish and it’s great if you just want something clean and you don’t wanna spend very much.
Price: $9

13. Atlantic Noir

Atlantic Noir
The beautiful Atlantic Noir theme comes in two styles — light and dark. You can choose either one and still get all of the features like 3rd party tool integration, share buttons, social widgets, and color/background options.
Price: $49

Photo by Lauren Mancke

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