How to Choose a Host for your Blog (Plus a free worksheet!)

Whether you're just getting started with a brand new blog or you're looking to move your blog, at some point you'll probably have to shop for web hosting. Just like shopping for any other kind of service, most people need help when it comes to making a decision. So, I've put together this little ...

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HTML cheat sheet: Basic code every blogger should know

I've been using HTML for over 10 years. I learned the basics in a class I took in high school. I was already in love with computers, but this really sparked my love for creating web pages, so I started studying the source code of my favorite websites and doing tutorials for fun in my free time. Then ...

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6 Premium Resources to Help You Learn Coding, Design & Business Skills

These days, more and more people are skipping expensive college education and opting for cheaper, more useful alternatives like the ones below. I can see why -- I have a college degree in web design, but I would say a good 90% of what I know, I learned from online tutorials and articles. Whether ...

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