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How to Choose a Host for your Blog (Plus a free worksheet!)

Whether you're just getting started with a brand new blog or you're looking to move your blog, at some point you'll probably have to shop for web hosting. Just like shopping for any other kind of service, most people need help when it comes to making a decision. So, I've put together this little ...

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How to treat your blog like a business

"Treat your blog like a business" is a term I use a lot because I think that if there was a "secret to success" in blogging, that would be it. If you are just blogging for fun, then many of these things may not matter to you. But if you're blogging because you want to do it professionally, every ...

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How to get more mailing list subscribers

Having a mailing list is so important. It brings you closer to your readers and it can be a useful tool for monetizing your blog. But how can you get more people to sign up without being too pushy? I've got some techniques I've found that can help you. Create great mailing list content If you ...

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How to Backup Your WordPress Blog – and Why You Should

Why should you backup your WordPress blog? Well, think of it like your cell phone or your computer. Chances are, you have lots of files and/or pictures saved on either one. If your computer were to crash or if you lost or broke your phone, all of that information would be lost. That's a scary ...

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