How to Find Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

How to find your voice as a blogger

When I first started my personal blog in 2013, I had no idea what my blogging voice was. I was writing blog posts but to be honest I never really felt connected to them. I was writing what I thought I should be writing, in the style that I thought I was supposed to. When I look back now, I can see how disorganized my posts were, and I’m sure other people could see it as well. This was because I had yet to find my blogging voice. I didn’t know who I wanted to be or what I wanted to be known for.

Here are a few tips to help you find your own blogging voice, which will improve the content of your blog, entice new readers to stick around, and connect with your audience.

Read other blogs.

This may seem counterintuitive, but reading other blogs can be really helpful to finding your own voice. Find other blogs that really appeal to you or that relate to your content or niche, and observe their tone and style in their posts. Does that mean that you should try to copy them? No! I’m just saying that reading other blogs is such a great way to get inspired for your own blog. You may read a blog and get an idea for a story you want to tell, or a tutorial you want to write, or just something you really want to say.

Loosen up!

Unless you’re writing a blog post about something serious, like a medical condition, there is really no need to be super formal. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should use lots of profanity or poor grammar. It just means that you should write the way you speak. Nothing stifles your creative voice more than feeling like you’re composing a college essay everytime you write a post. Blogging is supposed to be fun!

Stop trying to be like everyone else.

So many bloggers make the mistake of trying to be like everyone else in their niche. I made the same mistake, myself. Try to remember that although you may feel the need to conform to other bloggers, you don’t actually have to. It’s ok to follow your own path.

Tell your story.

You are unique and have your own story to tell from a prospective that no one else in this world has. Share things from your point of view or share your story to make a better connection with your readers.

Write what you know.

It may be cool to run a blog about a topic, but if you don’t know anything about the topic, it’s going to be really hard to come up with something meaningful to say. If you are running a blog to learn more about the subject, that’s great, but you should make sure that you are learning as much as you can and blogging about your journey along the way. I would say find something that you’re good at or knowledgeable about, and try blogging about that.

Define your personal brand.

You have a personal brand, whether you realize it or not. When I started blogging, I had no clue what that brand was, which led me to blog aimlessly. I highly recommend that you do some reading or take some courses in personal branding to help you figure out who you are, what you want, and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Blog more.

Sometimes the only way to learn is by doing. Try blogging about whatever you want and see what kinds of reactions you get from your readers. Your more popular posts will show you what is working and what is not. Also, you’ll learn which topics you enjoy writing about and which ones feel daunting to you.

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