How to Backup Your WordPress Blog – and Why You Should

how to backup your wordpress blog

Why should you backup your WordPress blog? Well, think of it like your cell phone or your computer. Chances are, you have lots of files and/or pictures saved on either one. If your computer were to crash or if you lost or broke your phone, all of that information would be lost. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Well it’s the same idea for your website.

Just one security issue, plugin conflict or host server crash and you could end up losing all of your posts and photos.

You worked hard on your blog; shouldn’t you have a plan in case something that happens? That’s exactly why you should be backing up your blog regularly. Here are some different options for how you can backup your blog, and some tips and resources to help you.

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Find a hosting package that includes backups

There are many hosting packages out there now that include automatic backups, whether it’s free or a paid add-on. For example, my web host Big Scoots includes daily backups with their WordPress and shared hosting plans, at no extra charge. Just make sure that the backups are being completed regularly and that you know how to restore a backup if you need it.

Use a plugin or premium backup service

There’s a plugin for that! You can install one on your blog that will backup your WordPress files regularly to your server, email, or a 3rd party like Dropbox or Google Drive. Some great examples:

There are also some premium services/plugins out there that will keep your blog secure and backed up for a monthly fee. Some examples:

Manually backup your site in cPanel

You can also backup your WordPress or your entire website yourself if you have cPanel. If you are a very scheduled, organized person who is also tech savvy, this may be a viable option for you. But I think most of us would forget to run backups (or just procrastinate) and end up going weeks or months without one. I recommend learning to do this, though, and making it an option you can fall back on from one of the options above.

Have a plan B

I highly recommend that you use more than one of these options, just to be safe. With digital products and services, you never know when something crazy will happen, and it’s good to have a backup plan. You should also be backing up your site before you make any major changes to your website, just in case something goes wrong. Better to be safe than sorry!

Further reading

To learn more about backing up your blog, read the WordPress codex.

Do you backup your blog regularly?

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